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Sarah is a holistic Reflexologist with a passion which began over 15 years ago when she followed her desire to research from the native land of Egypt where Reflexology originated from. She gained ample knowledge on practical hands-on, along with the theoretical aspects of the human body and its reactions when in distress.


Sarah lived in Boulder, Colorado, where she taught complementary therapy for Adult Education at local colleges and to share her expertise and knowledge gained she continuously involved herself in Trade shows and Heath Exhibitions actively promoting Reflexology and Complementary Therapy to its full potential. In the recent years, she has frequently worked with groups of varies needs and one of which was to volunteer with a group of therapists to help the victims and their neighbours through the emotional and physical trauma of the Grenfell tragedy. 


Sarah is driven by working with clients and tailors her work to suit their needs on the day. Through her own experiences and those of her clients, she sees the potential and its benefit by incorporating Complimentary therapy to her client’s everyday lives.


Recently, her focus has been drawn to Reflexology and fertility along with Baby Reflex for calming babies by Jenny Lee. Training Mum’s or/and Dad’s simple steps to aid to the needs of their little ones.


Sarah qualified in Ayurveda Pregnancy Massage in 2016 and is successfully treating pregnant mothers from 12 weeks of conception and for labour induction.


Sarah practices the following treatments and combines them with energy/meridian lines - enhancing well-being.



Reflexology & Fertility

Ayurveda Pregnancy Massage

Labour Induction

Hot Stone Massage

Indian Head Massage

Thai Foot Manipulation

Baby Reflex Training



Sarah is a full member of the AoR and follows the Code of Conduct, Practise and Ethics of the Association of Reflexology, one of UK's largest professional body for Reflexology.



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